Two Hundred and Forty Miles......


a portrait


Sea salt, white marble & bronze 

Dimension 164cms x 164cms x 164cms


The marble slab is a symbolic representation of the body. The square represents the physical aspect of man, earth and laying foundations. On a deeper level, the four represents, the body and all our attributes of conscious awareness and the need for stability.

The 5” thick pure white square marble slab which is 1.64meters corresponding to Gandhiji’s height represents the pure soul and body of the Mahatma.

The sea salt heap is made up of around 60,000 grains representing the number of civilians arrested around the epic Salt March

The solid cast bronze walking stick also made to Gandhiji’s height of 164cms.

The installation echoes the simplicity, effective sharpness and virtuosity of the great mind, The Mahatma