Alex Davis is a contemporary Indian sculptor, artist and Designer. His works capture the essence of what he terms India Modern. The everyday, the mundane, the flora and fauna, the arts & crafts, the highway culture, the celebrations across India is where he draws his inspiration from. His work takes the ordinary and presents it back to the audience by masterful use of scale, proportions and materials, exaggerating them into large-scale works as seen in his collections, My Lazy Forest, Dented Painted and Hyper Blooms. He started out by bringing life and sensuality into ordinary industrial high-grade stainless steel by converting them into pieces of sculpture. He works in various mediums including metals, wood stone, canvas etc.

He presented ‘Herbarium Indicum’, his first series in canvas in 2019. The canvasses captured Indian flora in stunning monochromes, highlighting the colour, that was the essence of the flower.

His work has been shown at the India Art Fair in 2020, 2016, 2012 with a solo booth in 2015. He has had various solo and group shows at The Visual Arts Gallery, IHC Delhi, Apparao Galleries in Chennai & Delhi, Gallery Sumukha in London, Exhibit 320 Gallery Delhi, Gallery Art Positive, Art Pilgrim Gallery, AD Art & Design Show in Mumbai and a collaborative work with Bose Krishnamachari at Gallery Espace  Delhi apart from prestigious international fairs like Scenes d’interieur at Maison et Objet, Paris, Salone del Mobile Milano  and Abitare il Tempo, Verona. He has exhibited multiple times at the Maison et Objet Fair, Paris. He has received much appreciation from prestigious clients of the stature of Le Bon Marche, Paris, The Conran Shop, London, Galeries La Fayette, Paris, MANGO, Barcelona and Plus BO, Paris. 

After completing his Graduation in Mechanical Engineering (BE), he did a Masters in Product Design from the NID, Ahmadabad and another Masters in Industrial Design from Domus Academy, Milano, Italy. One of the first to exhibit collections for Interior and Exterior spaces, he has set a bench mark for original and contemporary design.

Alex Davis was born in 1964 in Kerala and moved to Delhi where he lives and works.

His complete works are on website:  www.alexdavisstudio.com

Follow on Instagram:  www.instagram.com/alexdavisstudio

Artists Statement
I often find myself at the crossroads between the role of a curator and an artist throughout my practice, more like a curator artist. I like to select, curate and re-present a particular theme in my all my series of works whether inspired by nature, vernacular popular culture or even crafts and aesthetics traditions of the Indian subcontinent.

In my series of works My Lazy Garden ,Hyperblooms , Moonlight Safari & Herberium Indicum, the flora and fauna is re-presented in terms materials ,scale contexts whereas Dented Painted is a tribute to the great highway culture of the subcontinent I am essentially a maker and my engineering and design educations allow me to push the limits of materials and technologies to the limits for a desired effect. Metals are of great interest to me especially worked on a contemporary style.

My works are evolving more out of my sustained studio practice rather than a rigorous narrative based practice. India fascinates me and will always be my muse
Alex Davis