‘....and fourth chair’

Artists: Bose Krishnamachari and Alex Davis

Medium: Gesso and mixed media on canvas

Size: 36” x 30” x 2”

Year: 2019

10 chairs project was inspired from the legendary conceptual artist, Joseph Kosuth’s and his most written about art work, ‘ONE AND THREE CHAIR’ (1965).

In this work exhibited at the MoMA, Kosuth represents one chair in three ways, a chair as an object, a photograph of the chair in actual scale & as a copy of the dictionary definition of a chair, whereby completing all the three forms of perceptions. The artist has specified the details of the installations whenever it is staged. (chair  (chãr), n.   [OF. chaiere (F. chaire), < L. cathedra: see cathedra.]  A seat with a back, and often arms, usually for one person;  a seat of office or authority, or the office itself;  the person occupying the seat or office, esp. the chairman of a meeting;  a sedan chair;  a chaise†;  a metal block or clutch to support and secure a rail in a railroad).

Alex and Bose created the fourth chair with the help of Braille language, both artists trusted in inclusiveness and brought the sixth sense through white on white, the art- language,  minimalism at its best. An ‘idea’ opened to the space to visually experience and sensitise slowly.  It is also seen it at its best of absurdity; the art you do not touch nor you can sit, and clearly do not look like a chair. a blind senses 360 degrees of spaces within his/her own blindness.

Please do not sit!

Please do not touch!

Please read CHAIR....