In bloom 2022


The real and the unreal


Recent sculptures by

Alex Davis 


The spectrum of reality and fantasy is beautifully conceptualised in Alex Davis’ artworks. As humans, we perceive, observe and experience which becomes a memory. Once an experience becomes a memory, it becomes the subject of the journey of imagination. Our perceptions define the essence of our memories and the artist captures this in a nuanced manner.  The story, ‘Alice in Wonderland’ can be used to conceptually draw a parallel with the sculptures. Alice goes through different scales through the different sizes she becomes (a reference to different stages of life) in the course of the story as well as how she defines reality based on her experience versus her perception. The main theme of Alice in Wonderland is the extent to which we indulge in our curiosities. Curiosity leads to limitless possibilities in the world of imagination and one can start to see the beauty in the real and the unreal in full bloom.

An engineer with a design degree and a fine sense of aesthetics and an avid mountain traveller, Alex Davis the artist has brought a part of the Himalayan Biosphere into his artworks. What he could not bring back he carried in his mind space to translate into his sculpture. Working in the challenging medium of stainless steel the artist has mastered the technical side of the medium combining it with form and space.  The works are larger than life in keeping with the inspiration of the mighty mountain range, the focus of his recent collection. The blooms are hollyhocks, irises, poppies, orchids, and more from the Himalayan ranges.